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Who's On Our Team?

  • Family Managers: Marty & Mary Weiss and Bronson & Louise Weiss

Select Sires Breeding Team

JAY HILL was raised on a high mountain cattle ranch in western Colorado. He attended Northeastern Junior College in Sterling, Colorado. After graduation in 1995, he started working for Colorado Cattle Services, an independent select sires distributer. He attended CSU with a major of Animal Science while working full time in the heavily beef area of eastern Colorado.

In 2000, Colorado Cattle Services sold to Cache Valley Select Sires, at which time he began servicing southwestern Nebraska. Over the last 15 years the business has evolved from a primarily beef tank delivery area into a beef technician area. In the last ten years the dairy business has grown to being the primary focus. He lives in Sterling, Colorado with his wife of 20 years Jill and their 3 boys Bryce, 17, Bryan, 15 and Brandyn, 13.

Senior Dairy Specialist

TIM THOMPSON is a Senior Dairy Specialist with Provimi – NA – a division of Cargill Premixes and has been with the company since 1995. He is responsible for Nutrition Tech support to their dealer network throughout Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, North & South Dakota, Colorado, Texas, and Kansas. Currently, he services about 200,000+ cows on numerous herds – approximately 5-600 or so. He also works with 40-45 outside salesman/consultants and over sees their accounts. In addition, he personally handles the ration work to some 8000 cows and 6000 heifers on 18 herds.

He has played an intricle part in the development of the AAMPS program over the last 21 years, making it user-friendly as well as developing a true working model to be used to least cost diets in the field.

Over the last 10+ years, his responsibilities have included providing dairy nutrition and management tech support to one of the larger feed companies in Canada (Hi Pro Feeds) as well as the largest feed company in Japan (Feed One).

He is currently an active member of the American Registry of Professional Animal Scientists.