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The heifers from Nebraska look really nice.

AJ — Double P Farms

From the minute that we arrived at the farm I knew this is where I wanted our heifers raised! The attention to detail is evident in every aspect of the operation. After working with Marshland now for just over a year I quickly realize that our heifers would be raised as if they were their own from the crew at the farm all the way to the truckers that makes the almost 5 hour drive from our dairy. It has been a true honor to work with such a TOP NOTCH business!

Scott Brenner — Hunter Haven Farms

We had a wonderful visit to Durand thanks in large part to you and Marty. Who would have guessed the Spanish coming over our radios was from the Farm? Doug Schumacher (Patty's husband) redirected us to arrive via Weissinger Road. Arriving that direction, the Farm is truly impressive. Perhaps, more than any other aspect, I was most impressed that the farm is clean and orderly. What I did not see was abandoned vehicles, unmowed grass, or other detritus strewn about as we often see on farms as we ride Wisconsin roads. It was an honor to be hosted at such a professional operation and for all of you to share so much of your time. It was pure pleasure to listen to Marty as he delighted in sharing his passion for excellence.

Lunch in the shed followed by the tour and, for our group, jackets to shield us from the end of summer breezes was great. Dinner in the hotel was perfect and that was a peach of a pie we had for dessert.

Toby Markowitz

Marshland Acres has been raising heifers for Brickstead Dairy for the past 3 years. Their communication with our team has been excellent. Their staff is very knowledgeable and they keep us informed on breeding protocols and costs. Their breeding outcomes and record-keeping are the best we’ve experienced among heifer growers. Marshland Acres is always striving to be the best!

Brickstead Dairy

The team at Marshland Acres are truly professionals who understand the value of a well raised heifer.

AJ Leonard — Dairy Manager Double P Dairy

Thank you very much for allowing us to tour your facility. It it greatly appreciated. The group made note of the facilities and management and how great they are. I told them that your facility is the best one I have been on and not typical of most heifer rearing operations. It really was a great experience. The t-shirts at the end were also appreciated.

Daryle Kleinschmit — Zinpro

The Weiss family is doing a wonderful job raising our heifers. I am impressed with their desire to do whatever possible to raise quality heifers. They have wonderful facilities and people who understand animals. We have been happy with the size of our heifers when they return to our dairy and have had no problems with calving. I think the most important component in any relationship is communication and Marty and Mary do a great job communicating with us about our heifers. Trust is also very important and we must be able to trust that vaccinations are being given and that our heifers receive the daily attention they deserve. Marshland Acres has earned our trust and we would recommend them to raise your heifers.

Hank and Pam Wagner

Marty and Bronson,

Thank you for hosting the UK group. The group was very impressed with your heifer raising setup and the attention to detail. This was evident from the cleanliness of the animals, the farmstead, and the vet room. It was also evident in the growth and condition of the animals that the operation was focused on performance. Thank you again for your hospitality. It was greatly appreciated.

Mike Socha — Zinpro Performance Minerals

I was incredibly happy to see my beautiful heifers when they were returned back to me. Honestly, I almost cried! I wish I could have gotten there to see them and to check on them, but now I know my faith in you was well placed. Marshland Acres is doing an amazing job and I just can't wait to calve these beauties in. Thank you!!!

Laura Daniels

Marty and Bronson,

Thank you once again for allowing us to tour your facility with the UK group. The group was impressed with how clea the operation and facilities were, your handle on the various cost and the quality of heifers leaving the facility. However the group was most impressed with the pride you take in your operation and your enthusiasm for what you do. You have a clear vision for what you want to do and accomplish. Your enthusiasm is clearly a reflection of the fact that you love what you do. We greatly appreciate your time and allowing us to visit your operation.

Mike Socha — Zinpro Performance Minerals

At Marshland Acres, they want to make sure they are meeting the producer's goals and expectations, in which they do a tremendous job at. Within the 6 months of having our heifers at Marshland, they were able to help us lower our age at first calving from 24 months to our goal of 22.5 months without any hesitation. They do an excellent job of communicating with their producers from the big picture of how things are going, down to the small details. There has never been one doubt in our mind that our heifers are receiving the best quality care, from excellent people at Marshland Acres.

Kristin Solum — Minglewood Inc.

Our family operates a diversified dairy, hog, and crop farm. Marshland has been caring for our heifers for 10 years and our relationship has worked well for our small dairy operation.

Heifers are delivered back to our dairy 2 to 3 months pre calving and are of excellent size and condition score. The first calf heifers from Marshland transition well into our herd and continue to support our +30,000 RHA.

Greg Kruger — Kruger Inc.

Wayside Dairy has been doing business with Marshland Acres now for 3 years. It has been a very good experience for us. They do a very good job raising high quality heifers and keep up a nice clean place. They are very good to work with and do a good job of communicating when things need to be discussed. They are a good fit for our heifer raising needs.

Jeremy Natzke